On The Way

Neighborhood locations near schools, restaurants and stores with easy access to highways.

On Call

Our maintenance staff completes most service requests within 24-48 hours.

On Your Terms

Reasonable rents and short-term leases are available if you need one.

Move ON to a better way of living.

Move to OnMark.

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At OnMark we understand that you’re looking for more than a place to live. You’re looking for a place that feels like home. We get it.

In fact, we’re on the same page and we have the solution.

Our properties are in three convenient locations surrounded by residential neighborhoods, schools, restaurants and stores, with quick access to major highways. They’re perfect for your lifestyle. Many of our apartments have private entrances that feel more like a home than an apartment in a building with endless hallways. You’ll find our rents attractive and the possibility of a short-term lease to your liking. Want great amenities? We provide them. Need help in your apartment? Just call – our friendly maintenance staff is always available, completing most service requests within 24-48 hours.

We build, manage and own all our properties and we treat each residence as if we lived there.

So, you get all the warmth and amenities of home – without the worries.

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